Linkedin – Power applications of Linkedin as a Business tool


Linkedin – Power applications of Linkedin as a Business tool
By Martin Brossman – Success Coach / Trainer
When: October 22nd, Wed. 11:30AM (sharp) to 1:30PM
Where:  BNC  Center -649 Walnut St Cary, NC 27511 – 919-342-5251
Cost: $25.00 , must pre-register and lunch is included.
Make check payable to: Martin Brossman or call to use credit card –

Register here:

Effectively use the “Questions” area of Linkedin for valuable information and develop a reputation as a expert.

Work with “Groups” to make new contacts.

– Utilize the search feature to build your personal network for business.
– Maximize your effectiveness with in-person networking.
– How to keep up with changes in linked in along with other news and social media.
– Screen-by-screen examples of giving a recommendation in the correct way.
– How to avoid actions that may have a negative impact on your image.
– Understanding “appropriate transparency” to build more trust about you!
– When to update your Linkedin profile and why.
– How other Linkedin profiles in your business can help you and the business.
– How to have links in your profile enhance your web presence.
– What questions you need to answer to make effective introductions.

This class is useful for increasing your business, sales and enhancing your career.  I will assume that you have signed up for linkedin, filled out your basic profile and successfully connected to at least one other person. You may bring a laptop if it can run on batteries during the class. If you bring a laptop it is asked that you pay close attention and not fall behind in the class by being distracted by other items on-line.

This is a fast paced class and is offered in a 3-hour, more thorough pace for companies on-site.

Please come early to be ready to start on time.

Learn more at Professional Networking On-Line:

Learn about the in-person networking group that uses Linkedin:

Web link about this class:

What people have said about my Linkedin training:

“I had the pleasure of seeing Martin speak at a Linked In training seminar. Martin is a great communicator and teacher. I would recommend Martin for any training events he is sponsoring. He doesn’t tell anyone or teach a subject until he thoroughly understands the material. I think this is one of his best attributes. Thank you Martin.” September 8, 2008 Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, Good Value
Christopher Morrissette
“I would like to recommend and endorse Martin as someone who I find was very instrumental in my taking LinkedIn to the next level. He spoke with clarity and he focused his presentation on the most salient points that one should get from and use on LinkedIn” August 29, 2008
Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, On Time
Ken Matz

“Martin’s success coaching was invaluable and has continued to grow my career with strategic planning. He is also helping me understand the effective use of linkedin and recommend him to anyone.”  Top qualities: Expert, Good Value, High Integrity Kevin Alexande

“I have known Martin for about six years. I know him to be insightful and caring as a personal/business coach. I recently invited him to speak at my Job Seekers group at Bay Leaf Church. He spoke about the importance of social networking and the power of LinkedIn as a social networking tool. He is a knowledgeable presenter who uses a blend of humor laced with lots of practical applications. He educates and entertains. Martin is passionate about helping others. I highly recommend him in his capacity as a coach and as a speaker.”
Lee Tyler, Sr. Consultant, Global Telecommunications

“I recently met Martin when he led the Ignite Your Career seminar with John O’Connor for the Raleigh Jaycees (Junior Chamber of Commerce.) Martin’s focus was on using LinkedIn as a networking tool to create a positive identity in the online business community. Martin presented to a group that ranged from individuals who had never heard of LinkedIn before to those with over 100 connections and featured profiles. He tailored his training to specific questions the Jaycees had and addressed each issue thoroughly without interrupting the overall flow of the seminar. Martin’s enthusiasm was contagious; not only did he hold everyone’s attention but many of us, myself included, went home that night and started our own profiles! I would recommend Martin to anyone who is looking to get better returns from their LinkedIn account.”  Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, Expert
Laura Gelburd

“I have attended several of Martin’s seminars/trainings on using LinkedIn for my business. His communication was clear and insightful. I would recommend Martin for any coaching/speaking engagement.”  Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, Good Value  Matt Carter

“Martin provides an excellent overview of LinkedIn in his seminar. I would recommend that anyone wanting to maximize the potential of this networking site check out his seminar and blog.” Marc Cram, Owner, Cram Investment Group

“Martin gives a fantastic class on Linked In. I highly recommend it. I learned quite a bit, and look forward to his next class.”
Bob Liddle, President, Kustom Koozies

“In about an hour, Martin got me up and running with LinkedIn. I know that he saved me hours and hours of precious time. Now he is helping me to use it even more efficiently.”  Bob Watral, CFP, Vice President – Wealth Management, Smith Barney

About my group – Professional Networking On-line ( ):

I have joined the Professional Networking on-line group at the Capitol City club. This unique focus of using our internet connections as well as our off-line contacts is a valuable resource to my business. We not only help each other with new introductions to business but also etiquette in the on-line networking world and sharing proper application of social media for business. Thank you, Martin and Whitney for creating this group!
– Athena Delmontie;

And just about my presentations in general:

“To me, Martin is the perfect speaker. He has a knack for giving just the right amount of information. Enough that I feel like I have learned something. Not so much that I feel overwhelmed or that I have gotten a lot of details without an overview. It helps that Martin has a quick wit and a great sense of humor so he can drop occasional jokes into his talks. Again, there are enough jokes to keep me amused but not so many that I feel my time is being wasted. I strongly recommend any opportunity to hear Martin speak. I have never been disappointed.”  Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, Expert Jerry Wilson

“Martin is amazing. I attended his Self-Confidence session and was bowled over with the information Martin provided. I consider myself to be self-actualized and didn’t think I needed the session, but was curious about the content. Man, oh MAN, was it fantastic. Martin’s presentation style is warm and personable. His audience is glued to his every word and has no problem keeping the session interactive. If you see that Martin Brossman is giving a presentation on ANYTHING, run… don’t WALK to sign up. Sharon Hill, President Sharon Hill International”  Sharon Hill, President, Sharon Hill International

Note all of these recommendations came from Linkedin.


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