Linkedin – Power applications of Linkedin as a Business tool – Martin Brossman


Dec. 17th – Linkedin – Power applications of Linkedin as a Business tool
By Martin Brossman – Success Coach / Trainer

This class will include how to:
• Effectively use the “Questions” area of Linkedin for valuable information and develop a reputation as a expert.
• Work with “Groups” to make new contacts.
• Utilize the search feature to build your personal network for business.
• Maximize your effectiveness with in-person networking.
• How to keep up with changes in linked in along with other news and social media.
• Screen-by-screen examples of giving a recommendation in the correct way.
• How to avoid actions that may have a negative impact on your image.
• Understanding “appropriate transparency” to build more trust about you!
• When to update your Linkedin profile and why.
• How other Linkedin profiles in your business can help you and the business.
• How to have links in your profile enhance your web presence.
• What questions you need to answer to make effective introductions.
PLUS: The new applications and events in Linkedin!

Dec. 17th – BNC of Cary, 11:30AM-1:30PM – $25.00 in advance -$30.00 at the door. Lunch is included. is a powerful on-line business networking resource based on the idea of “6 degrees of separation” and has a global community. This class is useful for increasing your business, sales and enhancing your career. I will assume that you have signed up for linkedin, filled out your basic profile and successfully connected to at least one other person. You may bring a laptop if it can run on batteries during the class. If you bring a laptop it is asked that you pay close attention and not fall behind in the class by being distracted by other items on-line.

This is a fast paced class and is offered in a 3-hour, more thorough pace for companies on-site.

Please come early to be ready to start on time.

Register here at BNC Meetup:

About the presenters:

About Martin Brossman
Martin, a success coach, speaker, trainer and author, has been mastering the art of networking in the Triangle since 1982 ( He has been offering LinkedIn training in the Triangle community since 2006 and building LinkedIn network with some of the most seasoned business networkers in Raleigh N.C. and Washington D.C. ( He has originated numerous successful in-person and on-line networking groups, which have facilitated meaningful business connections among members. Martin’s computer skills have powered his keen ability to create and teach crucial new Internet communications, such as blogging, podcasting and on-line networking. His own podcast show can be heard at He offers consulting on how to generate profitable alliances by maximizing face-to-face and on-line presence and managing “the conversation of you” on the Web. For more information, contact Martin Brossman at (919) 847-4757 or .

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