Using Twitter and other Micro-Blogs for Business


Using Twitter and other Micro-Blogs for Business
Presented by Wayne Sutton and Martin Brossman

At BNC of Cary – Feb. 10th 11:30AM-1:30PM
Lunch – $20.00
Fundamentals of business applications of Twitter and micro-blogging
• Understanding the role of Micro-Blogs in relationship to Social Media, on-line reputation management and business networking tools like Linkedin and Facebook.
• How set up and use all core components of Twitter
• Proper etiquette on Micro-Blogs
• Using Twitter and Micro-Blogs with your marketing plan
• Tools for searching and researching on Twitter
Micro-Blogs are another way to stay closely connected to your customers, friends and fans. It has been extensively use in political campaigns and provides a tool to give real time data about how people think. Its interactive quality gives it growing importance in the new world where traditional “interruption advertising” is gaining less and less attention.

To register contact Martin Brossman – or (919) 847-4757 , limited seating.

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