From the Other Side of the Monitor by Jay Izso with Martin Brossman

Who are you on the web and what are they saying about you?

Who are you on the web and what are they saying about you?

“From the Other Side of the Monitor” by Jay Izso with Martin Brossman

The purpose of this presentation is to answer the following questions for small businesses:

* How social media affects your website
* How social media affects your web ranking
* How social media leads to more leads
* How social media increases conversion rates
* How does social media generate more revenue
* How does social media increase your profits

Feb. 25th – BNC of Cary, 11:30AM-1:30PM – Special Price $20.00. Lunch is included. Advanced registration at the BNC Meetup site:

Do you really know what your customer is doing and thinking when they are behind their computer or laptop? Have you ever thought about it? What is it going to take for a potential customer to see you and know that it is you they should be choosing for their goods or services?
The landscape of cyberscape has changed. Business owners need to have a better understanding of who your customer is and how your consumer is going to do business with you. This means in order for you to be the most successful you must adapt to changes in the business online environment. More than just your website, there is a social network that you must connect to if you want people to distinguish you from everyone else that exists.
This is more than just marketing–it is building a customer data base in ways you have not considered.

About the developers and presenters:

About Dr Jay Izso:
Jay Izso is the owner of Internet Doctor, LLC whose focus is to help small businesses better connect with their consumers online through their web presence and usage of social media, and ultimately increasing their bottom line. His speaking style is entertaining, educational and practical. He consults and speaks to small businesses in the United States and Canada. Jay has his master’s degree in psychology from Washington State University. He is a member of the Association for Consumer Research, and continues to research issues and topics related to how consumers do business online.

“I was fortunate to have met Jay at an Internet-related conference. People are drawn to Jay for his knowledge and creative implementation of progressive ideas. Jay is an excellent speaker, he keeps his audience engaged and relays information in terms that people can grasp and utilize in their own businesses.” Sharon Trombly , Owner at RainShadow VA

About Martin Brossman:
Martin, a success coach, speaker, trainer and author, has been mastering the art of networking in the Triangle since 1982 ( ). He has originated numerous successful in-person and on-line networking groups which have facilitated meaningful business connections among members. Martin’s computer skills have powered his keen ability to create and teach crucial new Internet communications, such as blogging, podcasting and on-line networking. His own podcast show can be heard at . He offers consulting on how to generate profitable alliances by maximizing face-to-face and on-line presence and managing “the conversation of you” on the Web. For more information, contact Martin Brossman at (919) 847-4757 or

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