Martin Brossman Adds a Personal Link to LinkedIn


RALEIGH, NC – Triangle success coach Martin Brossman has expanded his coaching offering to include customized LinkedIn instruction for individuals and groups. Since growing numbers of users are gravitating to LinkedIn’s professional networking site and finding themselves overwhelmed by all the options, Brossman is filling a need for personalized LinkedIn instruction. Through hands-on training and on-line webinars, he helps clients get up and running with strategic branding and a meaningful online presence.

“Your LinkedIn profile needs to attract the right people and be attractive to Google,” Brossman says. “All the skills we use in good in-person networking should be applied on-line as well, since the internet retains our content for the world to see.”

LinkedIn continues to grow in importance for career enhancement, business visibility, and establishing credibility for professionals. Employers and customers are using social media, especially LinkedIn, to screen potential choices,” says Brossman. “To be considered for some jobs you need at least 5 LinkedIn recommendations. LinkedIn provides a valuable base for authentic reputation management.”

A success coach since 1995, Brossman has been teaching LinkedIn classes since 2006. His previous background in computer science is key to his current expertise in helping clients combine social networking navigation skills with practical real-world progress toward their business and career goals.

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