Embracing Conflict by Martin Brossman


Offering: Embracing Conflict by Martin Brossman
A course in how to embrace conflict for enhanced results & relationships.

Explore ways to embrace conflict rather than denying it, fighting it, or fleeing from it. Develop a mutually supportive relationship between conflict and your vision. Learn how managing conflict can improve your interpersonal and professional relationships and help you be a better leader, manager, employee, or partner. Gain more time for joy and creative expression in your life and work. An experiential approach, using Aikido as a metaphor, is incorporated in the workshop to demonstrate concepts. (Aikido is a martial art based on compassion.)

About Martin Brossman:

Martin is a sucess coach, speaker, trainer and author (www.coachingsupport.com) specializing in teaching new social media skills to accelerate growth for entrepreneurs and small businesses. He has been offering LinkedIn training in the Triangle community since 2006 and building a meaningful LinkedIn network . (www.linkedin.com). He has originated in-person and on-line networking groups which have facilitated valuable business connections among members. Martin’s IBM background and computer skills have powered his keen ability to create and teach crucial new Internet communications, such as blogging, podcasting and on-line networking. His own podcast show can be heard at http://www.lnquireOnLine.info. He offers consulting on how to generate profitable alliances by maximizing face-to-face and on-line presence and managing “the conversation of you” on the Web. For more information, contact Martin Brossman at (919) 847-4757 or Martin@CoachingSupport.com

To learn more contact Martin Brossman – (919) 847-4757 Martin@CoachingSupport.com http://www.CoachingSupport.com (Training) –

Next Presentation at:
Small Business Center
Sampson Community College
Tuesday – March 30th from 9 a.m. to 12 p.m
For Farm Supervisors/Managers from Larger Farming Operations in the area.

Contact for participating in the class:
Cliff Ireland, Director
Small Business Center
Sampson Community College
Clinton, NC 28329-0318
(910) 592-7176 x2032

One Response to “Embracing Conflict by Martin Brossman”

  1. 1 internetmarketing4you

    Great advice Martin! Embracing is is the only way to conquer it.

    Our Virtual Assistant utilizes social media and offers those services, as well as others, to businesses to foster their growth. Our clients see the difference when they participate in social media.

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