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BCA Roundtable hosted by Hummingbird Creative Group
The panel will include: Martin Brossman, David William, Fried Wood & Wendy Coulter

Brossman addresses the three types of men and how they affect our culture; the stages of boys’ maturity to men and how this process affects all relationships; and how this knowledge about men and the boys they once were can make women more effective in both their business and personal life.

Using Social Media as a Competitive Edge to Businesses in a Small Town – Presented by: Martin Brossman and Pat Howlett

Advancing Your Business Using the Web and Social Media by Martin Sponsored by Wake Technical Small Business Center & Cary Camber of Commerce A series of 4 powerful classes including everything you need…  From creating your own website to successfully using the Web for marketing. May 20, 2009: Easy Website Development for Almost No Cost […]