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Social Media and the conversation about your company and yourself are where future customer trust will be built or lost. The question is: Are you part of the conversation? The worldwide presence of you and your business is becoming of greater importance. People want to know more about you before they trust you with their money, just as we pay more attention to what “others” have said about a product than the advertised description when we are considering buying a product online.

Offering at Team Nimbus of North Carolina – Using Social Media to Grow Your Business by Martin Brossman

This class presents a powerful overview of Social Media and Reputation Management on the Web. Martin will emphasize skills for managing the transparent conversation that exists for every business and business owner on the Web, taking into account real world time limitations. You’ll learn how smart business application of these online tools allows a business with a limited budget to truly compete with larger, high-budget companies.

Using LinkedIn to support the Sales Lifecycle

Lead Generation – You know what you are looking for. Apply these search techniques to identify your lead quicker.

Sales Cycle Acceleration – Determine the decision maker and use your network to get to that person. Not in your network? We
will show you how to get to them.

Solutions Delivery – If you do not have the total solution in house we will show you how to identify those who can quickly
complete the package.