Twitter For Business? WEBINAR: Part 1 – Martin Brossman / Tim Moore


Dancing ElephantsTwitter For Business? WEBINAR: Part 1: Who are all These Tweeple? How to Properly Grow your Twitter Following!

If you have decided Twitter is a viable marketing strategy for you, the next question is, “How do I attract engaged and active followers?”

Yes, you can connect with real people and have real conversations on Twitter. Learn how to expand your following, not with tricks or gimmicks or ‘Twitter Pyramid,’ but by being a real person.

We have personally helped several businesses gain as many as 1000 followers a week. The bottom line value for increasing business: staying closer to your customers, keeping a pulse on what is important to them, and gaining prospective customers.

Presented by: Martin Brossman, Success Coach and Trainer, are joining forces for this dynamic business-building webinar and host Tim Moore

Time: August 4, 2009 from 3pm to 4pm
Location: Anywhere there is computer access and Internet Connection
Phone: 919-460-6909
Event Type: webinar, -, you, can, access, from, anywhere, there, is, internet
Organized By: Tim Moore

One Response to “Twitter For Business? WEBINAR: Part 1 – Martin Brossman / Tim Moore”

  1. Martin in an expert in socia media including Twitter, Linkedin, and Facebook. Save time and money, and have fun learning 🙂

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