BROSSMAN’S SOCIAL MEDIA for Business Directory NC Edition is available


Social Media for Business - Martin Brossman

Social Media for Business - Martin Brossman

BROSSMAN’S SOCIAL MEDIA for Business Directory NC Edition is available, NOW on-line and in-person on 8/20/09

Available in Raleigh on 8/20/09 at New World Coffee House.
Details of the event:

The is also available on-line.. NOW at the printed book or eBook at:
Social Media for Business – the Book

Contributors to the First Edition:

Martin Brossman, Success Coach/ Trainer/Author –
Dave Baldwin, Freelance Writer, Editor, Consultant –
Michelle Courtney, Editor, TriangleB2B Magazine –
Whitney Hill, President, Carolina Web Consultants –
Pat Howlett, Founder, Inside919 Community –
Deidre Hughey, Founder, The Buzz Builder –
Jay Izso, The Internet Doctor –
Beverly Mahone, Author, Media Expert, Speaker
Anora McGaha, Writer, Editor, Publicity Consultant –
John M. O’Connor, Executive Career Coach –
Heather O’Sullivan Canney, Social Coach, Speaker –
Wayne Sutton, Social Media Consultant –
Karen Tiede, Principal, Red Tuxedo
David Williams, Unlimited Web Solutions –

<b>Text on the back cover:</b>
Social Media and the conversation about your company and yourself are where future customer trust will be built or lost. The question is: Are you part of the conversation? The worldwide presence of you and your business is becoming of greater importance. People want to know more about you before they trust you with their money, just as we pay more attention to what “others” have said about a product than the advertised description when we are considering buying a product online.

Now the small business can truly compete by staying closer to customers and responding to their needs, while large companies need to pay more attention to the customer than ever before. We, as business owners, must earn the right to stay in the attention of our customers and they can more quickly choose to “unsubscribe” if we are not giving the value they want.

This directory is a practical review of popular Social Media and the online resources you need to create a definitive presence for your business.

Table of contents:
Preface v
How to Use this Directory vi

Part 1. Introduction to Social Media 7
Transparency and Authenticity – and Why They’re Important 7
Jumping into Social Media for the Triangle area 8
The Top 5 Rules of Social Media 9
Four First Steps to Social Media Success 11
Four More Steps to Social Media Success 13
Getting the Most out of 15
Ten Steps &amp; Thirty Minutes to a Complete LinkedIn Profile 17
Facebook for Business 19
Local Free Online Business Networking on inSideAreaCodes 21
Social Networking in 15 Minutes a Day 23
Why Blogging is Relevant and How to Get Started 25
Why Micro-Blogging is so Popular 29
Ten Steps to Improve your SEO 31
Online Advertising for Businesses with Local Customers 33
Getting into the Spotlight with Video and Audio Marketing 35

Part 2. Social Media/Social Networking Directory 37
Business-Focused Social Networking Sites 37
Social Networking Sites with a Personal Focus 39
Social Bookmarking 40
Blogging 41
Free Blogging Sites and Hosts 41
Paid Blog Sites 42
Blogging Examples from Triangle Business Bloggers 42
Blog Readers / News Aggregators 43
Blog Social Networks 44
Blog Statistics 44
Blog Feedback 45
Blog Syndication/ Subscriptions 45
Photo resources for Blogs 45
Widgets 45
Micro-Blogging 47
Twitter 47
Stats 47
Backgrounds 47
Tracking 48
Searches 48
Desktop apps 48
Finding Local Twitter Users 48
Finding Other Twitter Users 49
Update Your Blog Post on Twitter 49
Tiny URLs 49
Aggregators 49
Photo Social Media Sites 50
Audio, Video, Music &amp; Multimedia Resources 51
Create Your Own Videos (from Photos and Audio) 51
Music Sharing 51
Podcasting (Audio) 52
Radio Hosting 52
Live Video Streaming. 52
Online Speed Networking 52

Part 3. Online Business Resources 53
Web Sites 53
Domains 53
Free Web Sites 54
Paid Web sites 55
Web site Editors 55
Popular Web Authoring Software 56
Content Management Sites 56
Triangle Web Site Development Resources 57
Search Engine Optimization 57
Free Keyword, SEO and Competitive Tools 57
Paid Keyword, SEO and Competitive Tools 57
Advertising on Online Business Directories 58
Free Directories 58
Free and Paid Directories 58
Paid Directories 59
Pay Per Click Advertising 59
Tracking Your Presence on the Web 59
Online Business Applications &amp; Tools 60
Integrated Applications and Collaborative Workspaces 60
Teleconference calls 61
Free Webinars 61
Paid Webinars 61
Text to Speech Tools 61
Speech to Text Tools 62
Affiliate Links, Making Money on Blogs /Web Sites 62
eCommerce Sites – Shopping Carts for Products 63
Selling Digital Media, Audio 63
Create a Membership Site 64
Create your own Free Social Networking Site 64
Email Marketing – Contact Management 64
Publicity 65
Press Release Submission 65
Free and Low Fee Press Release Publishing 65
Paid Press Release Distribution 65
Events &amp; Classified Services 66
Products, T-Shirts, Bumper Stickers, Cards 66
Self-Publishing 67
Free Self-Publishing – Print on Demand (POD) 67
Paid Self-Publishing 67
Social Publishing Platforms 67
Article Submission 68

Part 4. North Carolina Resources 69
Triangle Media &amp; Resources On- and Off-Line 71
Triangle Newspapers Online 71
Triangle Magazines’ Web Sites 72
Television Related Social Media Sites 72
In-Person Resources 73
Reference Sites 74
Glossary 75
Contributors 77
Contact 88

Special thanks to the following contributors:
Dave Baldwin, Heather O’Sullivan Canney, Michelle Courtney, Whitney Hill, Pat Howlett, Deidre Hughey, Jay Izso, Beverly Mahone, Anora McGaha, John M. O’Connor, Wayne Sutton, Karen Tiede and David Williams.

Martin Brossman –

2 Responses to “BROSSMAN’S SOCIAL MEDIA for Business Directory NC Edition is available”

  1. Martin Brossman is an expert in Social Media. This book is invaluable to anyone involved or wanting to be involved in Sovial Media.

  2. 2 norienc

    Congratulations Martin. It’s always exciting to be around such a live wire as you are. You keep imagining what’s possible and then you deliver! This time, bringing together a sizeable group of local professionals to share their experience and knowledge with social media and online resources is a win-win for everyone. You do this kind of collaborative work so well, setting a standard for us to go forth with.

    Thanks for including me as a contributor and inviting me to be an editor with Dave Baldwin.

    Thursday August 20th
    New World Coffee House
    4112 Pleasant Valley Road


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