Fortner Award Honors St. Andrews Alumnus Martin Brossman



St. Andrews Presbyterian College

St. Andrews Presbyterian College

RALEIGH, NC. –  On October 1, the 24th Annual Ethel N. Fortner Writer and Community Awards will take place at St. Andrews Presbyterian College in Laurinburg, NC   Local success coach, trainer and author Martin Brossman will be one of four recipients honored. This award recognizes authors who have created authentic positive community.

Brossman graduated from St. Andrews College in 1983 with a degree in Math/Computer Science.  He said, “Growing up during the excitement of the ‘60’s and 70’s  in Washington, DC, I wanted to go to a smaller college. St. Andrews give me a place to flourish and succeed independent of the reading challenges I had with dyslexia.  I really enjoyed campus life, becoming  radio station engineer, newspaper photographer and dorm president for several years. I built my closest friendships at St. Andrews.”

“This is such a great honor,” Brossman added.  “So often people call me a natural writer and I say there is nothing natural about writing with dyslexia. It takes work to slow down my ideas enough to get them on the computer.  I remember how exciting it was when my first article, “Aikido for Business,” was published in a magazine.” He also contributed poetry in 2006 to the Triangle Men’s Center’s first published book for local poets, “Men of our Word.”

In 2006, after several years of work, Brossman completed Finding Our Fire: Enhancing Men’s Connection to Heart, Passion and Strength, a book based on insightful excerpts from 120 men, using questions gleaned from 10 years of The Men’s Inquiry discussion group which explored questions about life.  The book can be found at and is in international distribution through

Recently, Martin Brossman  produced a directory of Social Media for business, utilizing local professionals as guest contributors, combined with 2 years of resources he collected while teaching at Small Business Centers in Community. From 2007 through 2009, he has been a contributing columnist for the NC Triangle’s Women’s Edge magazine
( ) published by Slee Arnold.  He also has his own Podcast show,, which features current business topics.

Other awards the honoree has received include the Ron Hering Mission of  Service Award for “living his mission powerfully in the world” and NC Volunteer of the Year Award for his work training volunteers to take humor to Cancer Patients.

“My personal mission,” says Brossman, “is to help people live lives they love that are a profound contribution to their community. “


About the Fortner Award:

my awardThe Ethel N. Fortner Writer and Community Awards were instituted in 1986 to honor a friend of writers and frequent contributor to the St. Andrews Review. Fortner earned a Master of Arts degree from Columbia University in New York. After a career in teaching at the Oregon School of the Blind, she and her husband moved to Estacada, Ore. She committed herself to writing and became editor of Human Voice Quarterly. A frequent contributor to the St. Andrews Review, she was the earliest benefactor of the St. Andrews Press. She believed that a full community embraced and encouraged the craft of writing.”

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