Linking Into Sales – Using to support the sales cycle


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Linking Into Sales – Using to support the sales cycle with Martin Brossman and Greg Hyer

Time: November 11, 2009 from 6pm to 9pm
Location: BNC of Cary
Street: 649 Walnut St Cary, NC 27511
Cost: $49.00

If you sell a product or service and rely on professional relationships to get the deal then you need to look into taking this course. is a highly valuable resource that you should be using to support the sales cycle and even speed it up. But are you using this tool to the best of your ability?

Come and enjoy a buffet style dinner with professional networkers and trainers Martin Brossman and Greg Hyer. They will show you how LinkedIn will support your sales cycle by teaching you the following:

* Dress your profile for sales success
o Profile content
o Optomize your profile with keywords by using the “zones”
o More
* Targeting customers and who they trust
o Make connections with people that will lead you to the right connection
o More
* Building networking equity
o Utilize recommendations
o Form alliances on and offline
o More
* Making connections come full circle
o Criteria for connecting
o Using network “nodes”
o More
* Dealing with the Compition
o Learn about them
o Are they shopping your connections?
o More
* Using Introductions Effectivly
o Interupting approporately
o Writing a memorable intorduction
o More
* Leveraging Groups
o Effective uses
o A discussion is a discussion not a sales pitch
o More
* Answers that lead to contacts to sales
o Learn about pain points and provide solutions
o New perspectives on providing answers
o More

Portable computers are welcomed. A wireless network is available.

link for registration.

Martin Brossman’s profile on Linkedin:

Greg Hyer’s profile on Linkedin:

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