How to Use LinkedIn and InSide919 for Positive Business Results


Business Networing with Linkedin by Martin is a powerful on-line business networking resource based on the idea of “6 degrees of separation” and has a large global community. is one of the fastest-growing on-line networking websites focused on small business in the 919 area code. This class will provide a good working knowledge of both sites for increasing your business, your sales, and enhancing your career. Many of us already have busy lives and this course will show you how to get the maximum benefit without spending a lot of time on the Web.

You will learn the multi-faceted applications of LinkedIn, including:
– Being easily found by your prospects and your customers
– Making it easier for others to refer you
– Building relationships inside your prospect’s company
– Directly reaching the people you can help in an appropriate way
– Getting yourself in front of people who make a difference

Also, discover the local benefit of joining InSide919, a powerful tool for connecting interactively with other businesses. With a current base of over 1900 North Carolina small businesses, the primary growth of the group has been through grass roots referrals − good businesses recommending other good businesses. Signing up is free, but the real currency is reputation building and the contacts to be gained by contributing to the group.

*Class prerequisite: You must have signed up for LinkedIn, filled out your basic profile, and successfully connected to at least one other person. You may bring a laptop if it can run on batteries during the class. If you bring a laptop it is asked that you pay close attention and not fall behind in the class by being distracted by other items on-line.

Register on-line:

About Martin Brossman:
Martin is a success coach, speaker, trainer and author ( specializing in teaching new social media skills to accelerate growth for entrepreneurs and small businesses. He has been offering LinkedIn training in the Triangle community since 2006 and building a meaningful LinkedIn network ( He has originated in-person and on-line networking groups which have facilitated valuable business connections among members. Martin’s IBM background and computer skills have powered his keen ability to create and teach crucial new Internet communications, such as blogging, podcasting and on-line networking. His own podcast show can be heard at . He offers consulting on how to generate profitable alliances by maximizing face-to-face and on-line presence and managing “the conversation of you” on the Web (

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