“Professional Networking on the Web” kicks off its new year of activities with a format for serious networking business and professional people


Professional Networking on the WebA web-active B2B resource group for entrepreneurs wanting referrals, social media and social networking skills development is open to Triangle business professionals. This group is focused on addressing what members see as a serious sticking point for professional and entrepreneurial development: not having enough knowledge and skill in using Social Media for networking and business development using all the latest resources on and off the Web.

RALEIGH, NC – A new action-oriented breed of networking group called “Professional Networking on the Web” invites Triangle professionals to optimize their resources using LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook business pages, and other social media platforms.  Using Google keyword search parameters and Alexa evaluation tools, profiles and positioning statements are crafted to both attract and find new business opportunities, whether for the storefront, for web pages, or for the professional building career options.

The group is structured with a small membership fee to be used for minimal breakfast expenses at the Cardinal Club, downtown Raleigh, and to develop a sense of commitment between members.  The one and one-half hour meetings address individual member’s issues presented to the group plus an educational segment selected by all.  Meeting bi-monthly, the group offers a stepping stone for growing professional contacts throughout the month.

Martin Brosman, a Raleigh-based career and sales coach and author, (see www.ProNetworkingOnLine.com ) and John Braren, a consultant focusing on business processes and corporate training, are sharing the lead in bringing this revised format to a group which began in 2007.  Jennifer Surovy, a professional in group dynamics, communications, marketing, and strategy, and Whitney Hill, CEO at Carolina Web Consultants, Inc., round out the team driving the success of  the group.

For further information on the group, visit the website at of  Professional Networking on the Web.  Contact Martin Brossman (919) 847-4757 or see www.ProNetworkingOnLine.com or John Braren at www.linkedin.com/in/johnbraren

to arrange for two free visits with the group or to find answers to any of your questions.


Professional Networking on the Web

Cardinal Club, Wachovia Building, downtown Raleigh

2nd and 4th Tuesday of the month, 7:15 AM to 8:45 AM

Professional Networking on the Web

Call Martin Brossman 919 847 4757 for more information.

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