RALEIGH, NC – August 2011 – Martin Brossman and Anora McGaha, co-authors of Social Media for Business, an Outer Banks Publishing Group book, held a “book launch”  on Thursday, August 4 at The Center for Excellence on Six Forks Road South in Raleigh, North Carolina.

Celebrating Brossman’s third social media book, and McGaha’s first book, their door prizes included a social media consultation by Martin Brossman & Associates and a Kindle ebook reader. Catering for the event was by Catering by Design.

Brossman’s first book on social media, Brossman’s Social Media and Online Resource Directory for Business, had a North Carolina focus. It was very well received and helped hundreds of North Carolina small and micro-business owners get started.

Linking Into Sales was Brossman’s second social media book, writtenwith fellow LinkedIn expert and community builder Greg Hyer, to show readers how to use LinkedIn to increase sales.

For Social Media for Business, Brossman partnered with Anora McGaha, a social media manager and Internet researcher, to write and edit the book. They included chapters from twenty contributors to deepen the coverage and expertise, covering audio and video, mobile, Facebook and LinkedIn ads, articles, press releases, in addition to dozens other topics. Social Media for Business includes a section on perspectives about social media and Internet marketing with a rich collection of articles; a large central section on the building blocks of social media and the Internet; and a substantial section on online marketing through social media.

“Social Media for Business is particularly valuable for the micro-business and solo professional, and small businesses with under 25 employees because it was written by micro-business and solo professionals who bring their own fresh experience and research,” said co-author McGaha. “Readers will learn about building, establishing and maintaining a strong, genuine, appropriate multi-dimensional presence for their business on social media and other Internet channels.”

Brossman, who has been using and teaching LinkedIn since 2006, and is the leading trainer of social media and business success for small businesses in North Carolina, brings fascinating  insight and perspectives to the book. “My personal and professional mission is to help individuals live lives so meaningful it moves them and others to tears,” Brossman said. “Extending out from that, it is to help micro-business thrive for a grassroots rebuilding of the American economy. This book sets out to give a solid and motivating push for small businesses to use social media and online marketing to be successful in business.”

The audience for Social Media for Business is both the newcomer to social media and online marketing, as well as the experienced practitioner. “Each reader will take out different insights based on their experience and needs,” said McGaha. 

Anora McGaha is writer and author, with three full years of experience in social media management and Internet research, and prior to that twenty years in marketing communications and business analysis. Sheprovides training and consulting on Internet publicity, social media and online marketing and is an associate with Martin Brossman & Associates and Carolina Web Consultants, Inc.

Martin Brossman is a success coach, speaker, trainer, and author specializing in teaching social media and business success to accelerate growth for entrepreneurs and small businesses. He’s the founding director of Martin Brossman & Associates and collaborates with micro-business and solo-professionals in delivering the latest training and services. He is the author of three books on social media; travels and trains frequently; and is a powerful keynote speaker on dozens of relevant topics. An early user of LinkedIn Brossman has built a meaningful and significant network of his own.

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