Brossman Presents Social Media Effectiveness at Raleigh’s Downtown Clubs


The Downtown Clubs of Raleigh, comprised of the Capital City Club and Cardinal Club, recently assembled their key ClubCorp staff members for a timely seminar in the latest social media marketing strategies presented by Raleigh social media expert Martin Brossman.  The session focused on how to use LinkedIn and other web tools to enhance membership, sales and customer service.

“The key to effective use of social media for a business with multiple employees is the enthusiastic engagement of the staff in the daily collection of fresh, relevant content that brings value to the customer,” Brossman explained.  “There are many approaches to posting content on the Web and the foundation must always be integrity and providing good value.  Long term relationships and reputations are being built on a daily basis, visible to the world.”

Karl  Swink, General Manager of the Cardinal Club and Capital City Club, commented:  “Martin’s insightful training definitely demonstrated the power of LinkedIn and other online resources.  The outstanding takeaways were practical enthusiasm and workable actions for using social media tools to amplify our current marketing effort.”

Additional information about customized training offered by Martin Brossman can be found at  and a current class schedule is displayed on his Facebook Page: under Events .


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