Google Plus for Business will be presented by Martin Brossman at Raleigh Entrepreneurs Organization


Martin Brossman talks on Google + for Business at the Raleigh Entrepreneurs Organization event titled: Top Marketing Strategies for 2012 as part of a panel.

Full write up about the event:

I have an incredible lineup for our first Raleigh Entrepreneurs Organization meeting of the year!

I’ve gone out and invited 3 Leading Sales and Marketing Experts in Raleigh to share with us their “top tips” for quick, easy marketing success!

 Join us as…

 Martin Brossman presents
“Google+, a Competitive Advantage for Small Business in 2012”

 Todd Bailey presents
“The Single, Most Ignored Marketing Tool that Can Grow your Business in 2012”

 Rich Gorman presents
“3 Powerful Sales Techniques Guaranteed to Generate More Business”

 With each speaker presenting for 30 minutes each, you’re sure to get focused, to-the-point tips that will help you succeed in 2012! You’ll also have the opportunity to stand up and introduce yourself/company to the group. Bring lots of business cards!

About Martin Brossman

Martin Brossman is a leading authority on social media and online marketing based in Raleigh, NC and Washington, DC. He is a business coach, trainer and author devoted to creating fulfilling lives for his clients through measurable business results. Martin offers a comprehensive coaching platform, integrating sales and business coaching with social media marketing consultation. He teaches classes on business-building topics at community college Small Business Centers and Chambers of Commerce and gives customized trainings for businesses and associations. His latest book co-written with Anora McGaha is Social Media for Business and the book prior to that is Linking Into Sales with Greg Hyer. Martin is available for keynote addresses, workshops, trainings and one-on-one Social Media Coaching.

About Todd Bailey

Todd has been in the consulting, counseling and vision development business for decades. Through the years he has worked with non-profit organizations, two of which he started from scratch and are still thriving today. He has assisted several other entrepreneurs in launching their own non-profit organizations as well, acting as a counselor, advisor and consultant. Todd owned his own small business franchise, where he was able to create consistent and sustainable growth in revenue. He most recently has been working with numerous small business owners assisting and advising them how to grow their businesses and maximize their profits in numerous industries – from auto mechanic shops to dental practices to computer repair franchises and more. In addition, Todd Bailey is passionate about leaving his own personal legacy in his community with his involvement in local business initiatives, children’s sports programs and his local church.

About Rich Gorman

Rich Gorman is the owner of Gorman Training, Inc. in Raleigh North Carolina. He brings more than 25 years of selling experience to his clients.

Rich began his career in the 80’s when he went to work for Marion Laboratories. Marion was an emerging pharmaceutical company based in Kansas City. While at Marion, Rich learned the power of a sales driven culture from Marion’s owner, Ewing Kauffman. Mr. K, as he was known, was one of the greatest entrepreneurs of our time and Rich’s early thoughts about selling were shaped by this special leader. Rich spent 12 years at what is known today as Sanofi-Aventis Pharmaceuticals.

After Marion, Rich worked for another emerging pharmaceutical company called Andrx Pharmaceuticals. During this time, Rich was able to gain high level business development and marketing experience as a leading member of the team launching an initial public offering for a new division of the company. After Andrx, Rich became the CEO of a consumer goods company in Florida known as Key West Aloe. Here he gained experience in manufacturing, retail, and distribution. Rich was then recruited to start up a new pharmaceutical company based out of Georgia. Rich began with no sales or employees and grew the company to a staff of 40 and sales of better than 20 million dollars.

It was then that Rich decided to pursue his passion and become a resource for other sales driven organizations. Rich purchased the Sandler franchise and began operations in Raleigh North Carolina. Rich is a sought after speaker, a talented communicator, and an exceptional sales person. He believes strongly that top quality sales people are a rare commodity. He is committed to changing this by helping others see how to achieve true greatness in the professional field of selling.


Meeting Details


PLEASE NOTE NEW LOCATION FOR THIS MEETING!! Located inside Home Builders Association Building

5580 Centerview Drive Raleigh, NC 27606


5:30 – 6:00 is registration and open networking. Meeting starts at 6pm sharp and ends at 8pm.


Open to all Meeting Fee: $10.00 (Cash or check) at door


Top Marketing Strategies for 2012

Thursday, Jan 19, 2012, 5:30 PM

Location details are available to members only.

80 Entrepreneurs Went

I have an incredible lineup for our first Raleigh Entrepreneurs Organization meeting of the year!I’ve gone out and invited 3 Leading Sales and Marketing Expertsin Raleigh to share with us their “top tips” for quick, easymarketing success!Join us as…Martin Brossman presents“Google+, a Competitive Advantage for Small Business in 2012”…

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To contact Martin Brossman go to or call 919 847 4757

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