Capital City Club Board of Governors asked Martin Brossman to present Social Media for Business


Capital City Club Board of Governors asked Martin Brossman, co-author of the book Social Media for Business, to give a presentation on Social Media for Business and how it can support the two clubs of downtown Raleigh NC.

About Martin Brossman presentation and support of the clubs:

Dear Martin, 

Thank you again for taking the time out of your busy schedule to meet with our Board of Governors at the Capital City Club to provide an informative overview on Social Media. 

The Downtown Clubs of Raleigh has continued to be dependent on you for your valued expertise in Social Media on a number of different levels.

You provide expert and well informed leadership in our ongoing Club within the Club called “Business Networking on the Web” that meets twice a month at the Cardinal Club.  Whenever, I sit in on this club I leave with valuable information on how our team can better position the Downtown Clubs presence on the web using Google, Linkedin, Facebook or Twitter.  Martin, you have been instrumental in our establishing an ongoing strategy to create our own presence on the Web!

Also, thank you again, for your assistance with our Sales Team in the practical application of our use of Linkedin to gain valuable insight on potential members as well as future private event business.   I have used Linkedin myself before meeting with new members on several occasions and utilized this available information to find commonalities and potential topics for casual conversation as well as future business opportunities.  It is all free and available.   

Lastly, we championed your advice to make our staff aware of their need to continue our focus on Outstanding Member/Guest Service; Driving Revenues; and Gathering Fresh and Relevant Information!

Thank you again for your support, guidance and leadership in this very important initiative!



Karl R. Swink

General Manager
Cardinal Club and Capital City Club

Raleigh, NC 27601 • Phone 919-834-8829 • Fax 919-834-4686 • •


Learn more about Martin Brossman’s training at:



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