Supercharge Your Small Business with Martin Brossman – Warren County


Martin BrossmanThe North Carolina Institute of Minority Economic Development is sponsoring a business education event here, at the Armory, on Thursday, October 4, 2012, from 6-9pm.

Martin Brossman will be presenting a free seminar about how businesses can create strong web identities through social media, directories such as Google Places, and other free marketing strategies. Mr. Brossman is a dynamic presenter, working to engage the audience and deliver what they need. He makes a very strong argument that this same technology can benefit our communities by increasing awareness of what we have to offer.

TO REGISTER: Call 252.257.3114

Social media and free online directories can create a strong Web presence for small businesses. They are necessary marketing tools for travelers through the area to find OUR LOCAL BUSINESSES that supply the goods and services –or things to do—that they are seeking.

Today more and more people are using the internet and smart phones to decide where they are going to spend their money. Potential customers care more about good online content and what other people have to say than they do about your ad or website. When small businesses have fully-listed directories along with interesting content about the area online, customers are attracted. Posting interesting content related to both your business and your area creates a beacon effect that draws in the right customers.

See this PDF for more information:

Martin Brossman – Warren County – Warrenton Chamber of Commerce


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