Martin Brossman Targets Social Media Marketing for NC Small Business Centers

Martin Brossman

Martin Brossman
Photo by David Williams

February 20, 2013

Brossman Targets Social Media Marketing for NC Small Business Centers

Social media coach and trainer Martin Brossman presented Web marketing insights to the North Carolina network of Small Business Center Directors February 11-20.

Raleigh NC – Directors of North Carolina Small Business Centers (SBC) gathered at six statewide community college venues during the past two weeks to update their Web marketing strategies, with the aim of expanding  the reach of educational and consultative services they provide.  Raleigh-based business coach and social media trainer Martin Brossman, who believes in the effective use of social media as a grassroots gateway to economic growth, presented the topic with appreciable enthusiasm.

Brossman said: “Our goal for this extensive training has been to introduce a next-level toolbox of social media knowledge that will enhance the online presence of Small Business Centers. We believe a strong online presence will attract a greater number of small and micro business owners throughout the state to explore the rich menu of educational resources offered for both start-up and established businesses. Harnessing the power of referrals is part of the new marketing on the ground and online.  These talented and experienced SBC Directors offer a wealth of classes that are free or low-cost.  Check out what’s available at your nearest community college on the state Small Business Center network website, .”


About NC Small Business Centers:

The North Carolina Small Business Center Network is the most expansive state-funded technical assistance program in the U.S., comprised of 58 Small Business Centers across the state.  As community-based providers of training, counseling, and resource information, Small Business Centers support the growth of existing businesses and the development of new businesses, serving more than 70,000 North Carolinians per year. They offer confidential counseling services and access to resource libraries free of charge. Schedules of SBC seminars and workshops, available free or at a minimal registration fee, are posted on NC Community College websites.

About Martin Brossman:

Martin Brossman has been an instructor at NC Small Business Centers since 2006.  A business coach and trainer in the Raleigh, NC area since he left IBM in 1995,  his passion for supporting small business growth has centered his focus on training and consulting for small and micro businesses, Chambers of Commerce and Small Business Centers across North Carolina. He is known for his dynamic approach to presenting the strategic big picture of Social Media marketing and New Media. His latest book, Social Media for Business, co-authored with Anora McGaha, instructs small and micro business owners in the art of building a multidimensional Web presence.  Business topic interviews by Martin Brossman can be heard at: .

Contact Martin Brossman                                                    :

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  1. Congratulations to Martin.

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