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BCA Roundtable hosted by Hummingbird Creative Group
The panel will include: Martin Brossman, David William, Fried Wood & Wendy Coulter

Basic understanding and utilization of social networking sites like Linkedin, Inside919 and Twitter.

Web 2.0, LinkedIn, & Twitter. Are you using them effectively? Join us to hear Martin Brossman Success Coach, Trainer and Author provide valuable tips about how to effectively use social media to enhance your business.

Using Twitter and other Micro-Blogs for Business Presented by Wayne Sutton and Martin Brossman At BNC of Cary – Feb. 10th 11:30AM-1:30PM Lunch – $20.00 Fundamentals of business applications of Twitter and micro-blogging • Understanding the role of Micro-Blogs in relationship to Social Media, on-line reputation management and business networking tools like Linkedin and Facebook. […]

“The Conversation of YOU and Your Business, On and Off the Web”. When you talk with someone at a networking event, the conversation lasts only as long as you’re speaking and only in the memory of the people who were listening. Conversations on the web may passionately express a strong opinion in the moment, but may live for years, long after the opinion has faded away.