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An exciting panel of 6 professionals who work with small businesses and sales professionals to increase their visibility on and off the Web will be answering audience questions at the BNC over lunch on Friday starting at 11:30 am and going until 2:00 p.m.

Growing Your Business with Social Media and Free Online Networking Resources by Martin Brossman – An all day intensive training in Kannapolis, NC
How to attract more of your best customers, enhance your brand, stay connected to your customers, deepen trust and improve the quality of your own community for a positive bottom-line impact on your business.

Social Media for Business Seminar Series by Martin Brossman
Facebook, Twitter, Blogging, Free Web Resources
Presented by the James Sprunt Community College Small Business Center

This is a new electronic business card that stays up-today-date and includes Social Media links as well as your picture. In the old days we traded business cards that were often hard to read, when we got back to the office we had to type or scan into our computer and used paper from trees (NOT Green).

Fortner Award Honors St. Andrews Alumnus Martin Brossman – On October 1, the 24th Annual Ethel N. Fortner Writer and Community Awards will take place at St. Andrews Presbyterian College in Laurinburg, NC Local success coach, trainer and author Martin Brossman will be one of four recipients honored. This award recognizes authors who have created authentic positive community.

Ramping us up for a future where customer trust will be gained or lost online, Success Coach/Author Martin Brossman has created a Social Media and Online Resource Directory that reflects his dedication to integrating social media strategies in business coaching goals, The North Carolina edition is packed with practical advice and resource links for creating a definitive presence for a business of any size.

BROSSMAN’S SOCIAL MEDIA for Business Directory NC Edition is available

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Knightdale Business Expo ’09 “Reputation on the Web for Career & Business” by Martin Brossman
Managing your personal and business reputation on the web is of increasing importance for individuals keeping up with their career or business.

Using Twitter and other Micro-Blogs for Business Presented by Wayne Sutton and Martin Brossman At BNC of Cary – Feb. 10th 11:30AM-1:30PM Lunch – $20.00 Fundamentals of business applications of Twitter and micro-blogging • Understanding the role of Micro-Blogs in relationship to Social Media, on-line reputation management and business networking tools like Linkedin and Facebook. […]

“The Conversation of YOU and Your Business, On and Off the Web”. When you talk with someone at a networking event, the conversation lasts only as long as you’re speaking and only in the memory of the people who were listening. Conversations on the web may passionately express a strong opinion in the moment, but may live for years, long after the opinion has faded away.