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This Week’s EIT Intensive: Unearth Your Supercharged LinkedIn Potential
Come prepared to give yourself a LinkedIn makeover to put the network to work for you. John M. O’Connor & Martin Brossman

BCA Roundtable hosted by Hummingbird Creative Group
The panel will include: Martin Brossman, David William, Fried Wood & Wendy Coulter

Advancing Your Business Using the Web and Social Media by Martin Sponsored by Wake Technical Small Business Center & Cary Camber of Commerce A series of 4 powerful classes including everything you need…  From creating your own website to successfully using the Web for marketing. May 20, 2009: Easy Website Development for Almost No Cost […]

Basic understanding and utilization of social networking sites like Linkedin, Inside919 and Twitter.

Full utilization of the search feature of Linkedin for contacts, introductions and information.
Effective use of the questions area for information, networking and reputation building.
Complete new applications area and micro-blog to add value, bring people back to your profile.

Martin Brossman has expanded his coaching offering to include customized LinkedIn instruction for individuals and groups.