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The Social Media Mastery course was designed with you in mind. An intensive 10-week workshop takes you beyond the basics and gives you the skills you need to build your business with social media.

Brossman addresses the three types of men and how they affect our culture; the stages of boys’ maturity to men and how this process affects all relationships; and how this knowledge about men and the boys they once were can make women more effective in both their business and personal life.

Basic understanding and utilization of social networking sites like Linkedin, Inside919 and Twitter.

“From the Other Side of the Monitor” by Jay Izso with Martin Brossman The purpose of this presentation is to answer the following questions for small businesses: * How social media affects your website * How social media affects your web ranking * How social media leads to more leads * How social media increases […]

Dec. 17th – Linkedin – Power applications of Linkedin as a Business tool By Martin Brossman – Success Coach / Trainer This class will include how to: • Effectively use the “Questions” area of Linkedin for valuable information and develop a reputation as a expert. • Work with “Groups” to make new contacts. • Utilize […]

Top 20 Grammar Land Mines By Drew Becker and Martin Brossman Join us to learn the top 20 writing mistakes that undermine your credibility. Many business people judge vendors by the quality of their written communication. Whether you are blogging, sending an E-mail or a writing report, one or more common grammar mistakes may booby-trap […]

Emotional Selling – Emotional Competence & the United Professional Sales Association Model (UPSA Model) will be presented by Martin Brossman at the Capitol City Club. Martin is one of 5 international trainers of the UPSA Certification and will be explaining the Emotional Competence model and how it relates to Sales. Time: October 15, 2008 from […]

Janice Russell, CPO-CD, President of Minding Your Matters® Organizing gives helpful instructions on how to combat email overwhelm in her new Email Efficiency podcast. She covers important electronic organizing ideas that can help anyone who uses e mail, basics on how to keep information flowing in and out of your inbox, and email tools that […]

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE (PRLog.Org) – Nov 20, 2007 – Dancing Elephants Achievement Group welcomes Martin Brossman, President of Coaching Support and author of Finding Our Fire: Enhancing men’s connection to heart, passion & strength, as the speaker for the “Final Friday Forum” networking event on Nov. 30 from 11:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. at the […]