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Martin Brossman, a social media expert known for his lively informative classes and three books on the subject, recently applied his social media marketing knowledge for North Carolina’s Small Business Center advisory group.  Having taught at NC community college Small Business Centers (SBC) since 2006, he was selected to confer with several schools and committees […]

The Knightdale Chamber of Commerce presents Seminar series on SOCIAL MEDIA for Business by Martin Brossman Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter and Free Local Web Resources

Growing Your Business with Social Media and Free Online Networking Resources by Martin Brossman – An all day intensive training in Kannapolis, NC
How to attract more of your best customers, enhance your brand, stay connected to your customers, deepen trust and improve the quality of your own community for a positive bottom-line impact on your business.

You’re Friended, Followed and Linked. Now What? Facebook and LinkedIn and the twitters in between with Martin Brossman and HeatherO – How to effectively do business using these social networks.

A relevant discussion on the implications of mixing social platforms, marketing messages and relationships from the perspective of a social media coach and a marketing strategist.

Understand and maximize your use of Social Media and on-line alliance building, as new tools for business. With Web 2.0 giving more control and power to the customer, the business that understands how to relate in this new world will have a clear advantage.

Pushing all Twitter to Linkedin can damage your Linkedin relationships – by – By Martin Brossman

RALEIGH, NC − How to go from simple website creation to successfully marketing a product or service via the Web is the focus of 4 classes at the Western Wake Tech Campus, beginning March 4.  “The Web, YOUR Marketing Tool to Advancing Your Business Using the Web & Social Media” is the title of this […]

The Social Media Mastery course was designed with you in mind. An intensive 10-week workshop takes you beyond the basics and gives you the skills you need to build your business with social media.