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Understand and maximize your use of Social Media and on-line alliance building, as new tools for business. With Web 2.0 giving more control and power to the customer, the business that understands how to relate in this new world will have a clear advantage.

The Social Media Mastery course was designed with you in mind. An intensive 10-week workshop takes you beyond the basics and gives you the skills you need to build your business with social media.

A series of 4 powerful classes developed and taught by Martin Brossman including everything you need, from creating your own website to successfully using the Web for marketing.

Knightdale Business Expo ’09 “Reputation on the Web for Career & Business” by Martin Brossman
Managing your personal and business reputation on the web is of increasing importance for individuals keeping up with their career or business.

Business owners know the value of networking, but savvy business owners know that social networking is imperative for success in today’s world. The North Carolina Chapter of the National Association of Professional Organizers is pleased to announce that social networking expert Martin Brossman will present a two-hour class on social networking at the chapter’s June 25 meeting. The meeting is open to the public.

Basic understanding and utilization of social networking sites like Linkedin, Inside919 and Twitter.