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Create Your Own Website & Blog Using Wordpress with Martin Brossman, Michelle Gower and Andrew Hill
This class will provide hands-on instruction to create a working website plus a blog that you can maintain yourself. is a powerful on-line business networking resource based on the idea of “6 degrees of separation” and has a large global community. is one of the fastest-growing on-line networking websites focused on small business in the 919 area code.

Martin Brossman says. “In the future, we will see more of an integrated system. The individual will have the opportunity to be a point source of news, working together with larger media to provide the best quality information, similar to the way trained Skywarn Spotters assist in providing higher quality weather reports to news sources. Meet the New Media provides a platform for this future integration to start happening now.”

Local business coach, trainer, and social media expert Martin Brossman has recently been recognized on the Super Connectors Wall of Fame, an honor reserved for members of the online network who have helped over 100 small business owners and professionals join and benefit from the local InSide Network, which is now over 2,300 strong.

This is a new electronic business card that stays up-today-date and includes Social Media links as well as your picture. In the old days we traded business cards that were often hard to read, when we got back to the office we had to type or scan into our computer and used paper from trees (NOT Green).

Basic understanding and utilization of social networking sites like Linkedin, Inside919 and Twitter.

“The Conversation of YOU and Your Business, On and Off the Web”. When you talk with someone at a networking event, the conversation lasts only as long as you’re speaking and only in the memory of the people who were listening. Conversations on the web may passionately express a strong opinion in the moment, but may live for years, long after the opinion has faded away.