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Martin Brossman and Associates Translates Social Media Marketing for NC State Global Training Digital marketing trainers Karen Tiede and Martin Brossman presented a custom Social Media Marketing training module to the Chengdu Leaders Development group as part of a targeted training program designed by North Carolina State University.   On November 18th, Brossman and Associates […]

Ramping us up for a future where customer trust will be gained or lost online, Success Coach/Author Martin Brossman has created a Social Media and Online Resource Directory that reflects his dedication to integrating social media strategies in business coaching goals, The North Carolina edition is packed with practical advice and resource links for creating a definitive presence for a business of any size.

BROSSMAN’S SOCIAL MEDIA for Business Directory NC Edition is available

Special thanks to the following contributors:
Dave Baldwin, Heather O’Sullivan Canney, Michelle Courtney, Whitney Hill, Pat Howlett, Deidre Hughey, Jay Izso, Beverly Mahone, Anora McGaha, John M. O’Connor, Wayne Sutton, Karen Tiede and David Williams.

Social Media and the conversation about your company and yourself are where future customer trust will be built or lost. The question is: Are you part of the conversation? The worldwide presence of you and your business is becoming of greater importance. People want to know more about you before they trust you with their money, just as we pay more attention to what “others” have said about a product than the advertised description when we are considering buying a product online.