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Martin Brossman and Associates Translates Social Media Marketing for NC State Global Training Digital marketing trainers Karen Tiede and Martin Brossman presented a custom Social Media Marketing training module to the Chengdu Leaders Development group as part of a targeted training program designed by North Carolina State University.   On November 18th, Brossman and Associates […]

If you are in business and you are not getting the most out of your customer’s mobile experience, your competition will find a way to win them over! More and more customers are going to their mobile phone to: Decide where to eat, shop, find entertainment activities and services Stay connected with friends as well as letting their […]

Martin Brossman has limited times for one on one training in Social Media, Linkedin, Google Plus and how to get yourself easily found on Google by learning Keywords and SEO yourself.  Call today to schedule a time with Martin contacting Colleen Gray at (919) 858-6122.  Appointments start in the coming weeks so reserve your spot today. 

Facebook, Twitter, YouTube . . . your identity on the web goes far beyond your website, and it’s more important than ever for business success! This three-hour seminar, taught by personal coach Martin Brossman, will give practical advice on how to use social media and other online business tools to enhance your enterprise – improve […]

What happens when you combine the powerful results of an in-person BNI group with Social Media and other reputation enhancing tools of the Web? You multiply your relationship marketing effort as well as increase the credibility of your BNI group! In this special training, you will increase the ease of a BNI member referring you […]

Martin Brossman speaks on Professional Networking and Social Media for Business Professionals: What you need to know for your career and company at the IMA NC Triangle Chapter and the Carolinas Council Annual Fall Conference. October 22, 2010

From Podcasting to Radio: Marketing Yourself Thru The Media

Beverly Mahone and Martin Brossman

Podcasting is a way to personally broadcast over the internet with very little investment.


Understand and maximize your use of Social Media and on-line alliance building, as new tools for business. With Web 2.0 giving more control and power to the customer, the business that understands how to relate in this new world will have a clear advantage.

Wake Forest Chamber presents -Business Education Series: Using Social Media to Bring Me Business with Martin Brossman
Using Social Media to Bring me Business – For example Blogs, Facebook, Linkedin, Youtube and Twitter