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You’re Friended, Followed and Linked. Now What? Facebook and LinkedIn and the twitters in between with Martin Brossman and HeatherO – How to effectively do business using these social networks.

Understand and maximize your use of Social Media and on-line alliance building, as new tools for business. With Web 2.0 giving more control and power to the customer, the business that understands how to relate in this new world will have a clear advantage.

Pushing all Twitter to Linkedin can damage your Linkedin relationships – by – By Martin Brossman

Wake Forest Chamber presents -Business Education Series: Using Social Media to Bring Me Business with Martin Brossman
Using Social Media to Bring me Business – For example Blogs, Facebook, Linkedin, Youtube and Twitter

Small business owners in the Raleigh area are learning how to reach new customers with free online tools such as Facebook and Twitter. The Social Media Mastery Course, developed by Martin Brossman and Rob Laughter, gives business people the skills they need to see a measurable impact on their businesses using social media tools.

The Social Media Mastery course was designed with you in mind. An intensive 10-week workshop takes you beyond the basics and gives you the skills you need to build your business with social media.